A man is driving to his countryside home when just before he starts to negotiate a blind curve he suddenly sees an oncoming car, encroached in his lane and heading directly towards him. The drivers of both cars are alarmed, they hit their brakes and both cars screech to a halt, just short of a head on collision. The other car being driven by a woman reverses slightly then pulls up besides the man. The woman rolls down her window, looks at him and shouts “Pig” and she drives off immediately. The man is enraged. He grits his teeth and shouts back “Swine!!!” as he slams his accelerator in disgust and continues on his way home. Just as he negotiates the bend, now at full speed and still livid with emotion he is suddenly confronted by a pig in the middle of the road and he has a nasty accident.

Information in itself is not threatening. It is our perception of information that makes it threatening. It is said that the human mind works by association. When confronted by a problem, our default response is to look for a similar situation or experience in the past to which we can relate the problem. So we take the new information and deal with it in old and familiar ways because familiarity is comfortable. This means that we’re poorly attuned to dealing with chaos, chaos which can be defined as new and unfamiliar information. Jesus warned us about the folly of putting a patch of new material upon an old garment or putting new wine in old bottles.  We should be more like the man who was asked if he could play the piano. “I don’t know” he said. “What do you mean you don’t know?” He was asked again. “I have never tried.”

Markets will forever be an enigma and frustration as long as we seek our answers from knowledge. It’s not about what you know; it’s about how you think. Information becomes painful when we claim to know something and we are proved wrong time and time again. When we think or believe “we know” we assume that what we know is the truth. This truth is taken to be gospel but what is forgotten is that the truth changes. Remember the world was once flat and that was truth! It‘s imperative to keep an open mind that is alive to any possibility.

Be abundantly blessed!