“Fewer, better trades”

We’re not trying to catch every twist and turn in the market. We’re waiting patiently on the sidelines, like a tiger in the bush…waiting for the prey that strays from the pack, has a limp and is deaf ! To the tiger, it’s not sport to test his hunting ability, its survival ! He needs to eat and isn’t looking for a fair fight.

You’re not looking for a fair trade. You’re looking for an outstanding trade, because you’re not trading for sport, but for financial survival.


It might be hours or days or weeks.  Like the tiger lies still in the bush waiting for the prey to come to him, you wait for the market to come to you.


One Response to “Fewer, better trades”

  1. Lloyd G Mlotshwa says:

    Howzit buddy, love the look of this site, what’s your feel on US/Rand relationship going forward, would you make a play on the rand possibly weakening on this year

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