“Fewer, better trades”

We’re not trying to catch every twist and turn in the market. We’re waiting patiently on the sidelines, like a tiger in the bush…waiting for the prey that strays from the pack, has a limp and is deaf ! To the tiger, it’s not sport to test his hunting ability, its survival ! He needs to eat and isn’t looking for a fair fight.

You’re not looking for a fair trade. You’re looking for an outstanding trade, because you’re not trading for sport, but for financial survival.


It might be hours or days or weeks.  Like the tiger lies still in the bush waiting for the prey to come to him, you wait for the market to come to you.


Welcome to forex trading !

Welcome to the world of online foreign currency trading (forex trading)! The global foreign currency market alone transacts up to US$4 Trillion daily. 10% of these transactions are for commercial purposes whilst 90% are speculators i.e. people seeking to profit from the movement of currency values. This indeed is a world pregnant with opportunity for those who have access to the internet and can afford a capital investment of an average minimum of US$50 (depending on the broker) to start trading. Moreover, the market transacts 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday, yes it’s true that money never sleeps and neither should your ability to make it. If you are reading this and you realize you have the ways and means to participate, be very excited!

The reasons why many have not participated or are not participating in forex trading are because firstly they do not know what it is. Forex trading is conducted over the internet and is therefore less visible than the floor of a stock exchange that many associate financial trading to. Secondly, many people are not educated on how to do it and those who have an idea feign from it because for numerous reasons financial trading in general has a veil of complex mathematical models and it speaks a sophisticated language. Think of it like a young woman with an artificially sophisticated outward appearance that scares off potential suitors. The fact though, is forex trading is a skill that can be learnt by anybody and the standard formula in all of life’s endeavors applies – it takes a winning attitude, confidence, dedication, discipline and practice to become competent. You too can do it!

Be abundantly blessed!